Tips For Dressing Your Children For A Photo Session

Adorable clothing for babies and children is something you’ve probably fawned over since before your little ones were born. Children’s portraiture is one of the most fun times to plan an outfit for your child. You have an opportunity to showcase their personal flare while appealing to your own parental tastes. While dressing your child is exciting, it can be a bit intimidating when it’s time to coordinate more than one for a photo session. We’ve created this helpful guide to assist you in planning for your child’s upcoming portraits.

  1. The most important part of dressing your children is to ensure they feel comfortable in the clothing you choose. Your little ones will cooperate more with us when they aren’t focused on an itchy shirt or a pair of pants that’s just a tad too tight. This goes for accessories, as well. You may love the look of a funky hat, but if you know your child cries every time a hat or bow touches their head, they won’t be any different during the photo session.
  1. Coordinate your children to each other, but stay away from being too matchy-matchy. Long gone are the days of everyone being stuck in the same color polo or just a white top with jeans. Pick a main color that you like, such as red, and add complimentary colors. You don’t have to stick to just two colors, either. For example, Sara has a white dress, navy blue belt and bow, and red shoes. You can put John in a red and white stripe shirt and jeans with a neutral color shoe (such as brown or navy).
  1. Another option is to try and stay within the same color palette. For example, if Sara has a cute lilac purple printed dress, let’s put little sister Jessie in a rose pink ensemble and John in a pastel blue button up. You can tie everything together by adding a matching color for accessories. So, while each child has their own color being represented, you can give them all an accessory in a different color to coordinate their outfits together.
  1. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and layers. Vests, cardigans, and layered shirts are all a great way to add dimension to your child’s outfit. Putting Sara in a frilly floral dress, soft cotton tights and worn leather boots while putting John in a flannel button up, suspenders and a rustic pair of jeans will really make your children pop off the background.
  1. Remember your background when choosing colors. If doing an outdoor session, you have no limitations to color. When doing indoor photography, you want to make sure that your children don’t blend into the background. Maintaining lots of dimension is important and your child will not pop in the image like they should if you choose the same color as the background. If you plan to use the white background, don’t dress your child in white. The same applies to other colors: no black attire on the black background, no blue on the blue background, etc.

Keeping these tips in mind, have fun with dressing your children! Little ones look adorable in whatever clothing they wear, but it makes all the difference when you take the time to showcase each child’s personality by shying away from the old fashioned matchy-matchy wardrobes of years past.

We Love Halloween! Get Your Free Digi-Image This Friday.

This Friday, October 31st, 2014 Mitchell Photography is offering a free digi-image to all of our current clients. We love Halloween and want to see all of your pretty princesses, spooky goblins and fantastic superheros!

Drop by the studio between 4 pm and 6 pm to have your family’s Halloween 2014 costumes captured on our limited edition autumn harvest set. No appointment necessary.

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We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday!

Cake Smash Birthday Bash featuring Chloe at Mitchell Photography in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Photographing Chloe over the last year has been such an honor and a privilege. Her mom and dad have put so much attention to detail into her sessions and have been so involved with preserving these irreplaceable memories that went by all to fast! Thank you, Nick and Ashley, for making the most of your moments with Mitchell Photography, and the best of birthday wishes to little miss personality!! Happy Birthday, Chloe!

3 Reasons To Face Your Fear of Pictures This Month

We’ve all seen them at parties, ducking behind the potted plants and throwing their hands in front of their faces when a camera appears. They are the people who dislike having their photograph taken, and they will go to extreme lengths to keep you from getting that perfect shot. Most people don’t think about the reason why they should be more open to having their photograph taken.

Maybe the person who is always on the run from the camera is you. If so, let us give you three reasons why you should get your photo taken this month.

Cover and Conceal

One of the most noted reasons people give for not wanting their photograph taken is they are unhappy with their physical appearance. This is the perfect time of year to disguise those areas with a cleverly placed scarf or jacket. If you’re unhappy with your hair, toss on a stylish hat. Layers are perfectly acceptable in the crisp, autumn weather.

Step Outside the Box

This is a great time to be adventurous and do something out of the ordinary. The routines of school and work can have you feeling like you’re running on a wheel. Shake things up this month and face a roadblock that’s kept you hiding from the camera for years. You’ll be proud of yourself for taking on a personal challenge, and you just might find out you don’t mind having a photograph taken now and then.

Do It for Love

This is probably the best reason of any reason we could offer you to get your photograph taken. You might dislike some of your features or the way you look, in general. You might think you’re too large or too small, too tall or too short. You might think your face is not proportioned correctly, or that your hair is too thin. Whatever your reasons for hiding from the camera, there are people who love you and think you’re pretty amazing.

Give the people who love you the gift of a portrait that you’ve allowed to be taken without throwing a hand in front of the camera or making a funny face. Imagine the smiles of joy when you hand them a beautifully done photograph of you in a charming autumn harvest setting. No matter what happens in the future, they will have that photograph to cherish and display in their homes or carry in their wallets.

Give us a call at 270-793-9871 to schedule your session on our limited edition Autumn Harvest set (it’s only here until November 15th!). For only $49.99, you can conquer your fear of photos and choose from one of our custom keepsake packages.